July 11, 2009

Patsy has been moved to her new foster-to-adopt home!

July 2, 2009

 While all the other girls spend their day wrestling and swimming and sunning themselves, Patsy is always on the lookout for birds(with the occasional closeup shot).

July 1, 2009

 Patsy spends her days in the yard, looking for birds to point and things to chase.  Every once in awhile though, she decides it's time to take a little break in the shade, but never takes her eyes off the yard. She responds well to verbal commands, and I believe she may of been whoa broke at one time.


  Patsy is overjoyed to hear the news that her little boy is still with us and actually stood for the first time today!

June 30, 2009

I'm Looking for a Home

She is a sweet girl, good with other dogs, 28 pounds, housebroken and crate trained. She is the easiest dog I have ever had at my house she is a sweet loving girl. She is curious about the cats, but once smacked she left him alone. She is spunky and is learning to play. She does not chew on random stuff and the vet thinks that she is around 3 years old.

Gee, with that kind of report from my foster home, how can you resist me. I'd be the perfect pet for any family. How 'bout yours?

June 24, 2009

Please Help My Baby

I know that this is suppose to be about me, but I can't help but to worry about my little boy, Dempsey. (click on his name to see him)
I'm all broken up over the thought of loosing him. It just can't be. We need your Setter Zen.

Our prayers were answered when we were rescued. Only to have this happen.

I just pray that he's going to be okay.
Was it something I did to him? Could I have prevented this horrible thing?

My problems are nothing compared to his. I'll heal just fine with time. My skin issues are caused from being invested with fleas and ticks. My hair will grow back.

My foster mom and doctor had this to say after my visit. "Patsy is doing well. She is afraid of squeeky toys so much that when I squeeked it she jumped to the top back of the couch to get away. She is protective of her treats and food when in her crate as she probably has not had any. Dr. Kinsel is guessing that she is around 3 years old. I gave her a bath tonight and will put revolution on her tomorrow. Her skin needs some loving, but she is a sweet spunky little 28 pound girl."